Big data is one of the most important upcoming sectors in the field of IT. In today’s competitive world it is very important for an organization to be agile and organized. Thus the Organization must be well versed with big data which can handle huge amount of company’s particulars and data. Over the last couple of years the social behaviour of people has changed noticeably and there has been a vast spread of software systems. Big data is one such innovation which has revolutionized the IT industry by fostering the growth in productivity by administrating software industries as well as public sectors. Big data provides the best possible solutions for the business which were not possible before. The implementation is based on advanced data analysis and semantic abstractions. Big data works on the principle of three V’s i.e. ‘Volume’ which shows growth of data, ‘Variety’ which depicts the complexity and ‘Velocity’ which indicates the speed at which data is generated and processed. One of the most important challenges for software industry and their service providers is that they have to provide best services to the users besides coping with the growing demands and new requirements. The service providers must be able to protect the personal data of the users and side by side have to give away the necessary information to provide better quality service to the users.

Cloud Computing

The 21st century is said to be the revolutionary era for scientific technology. First computer and then the internet both have played a very important role in carrying out this accomplishment. Since then there have been ameliorations that have emerged and always fetched a recuperated face of technology in front of us, which has been easy to conceive and implement. Cloud computing is one of the philanthropy given by technology to us. Cloud computing has been insinuated recently for business purposes but its idea was given years back. Nowadays different fields especially fields like medical research are eager to implement its power in their own field. When talking about a cloud computing system, it can be segregated into two sections: the front end and the back end. These two ends are connected through a network, usually the Internet. The front end belongs to the computer user, or the client. On the other hand the back end is the “cloud” section of the system.

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